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MPM is situated in an area that contains one of the largest populations of world class foundries in the United States.  For well over 50 years, MPM has provided these foundries with tooling to produce automotive, marine, aircraft, and general commercial ferrous and nonferrous castings.

Because we are not a foundry, but work so closely with so many different foundries, we posses no bias towards any one application or material.  We feel each of the foundries have their own expertise and will choose the best fit for your needs.

Once we understand your criteria of delivery, quality, and cost we work with our resources to develop the tooling for the process needed.  If there are multiple criteria, such as low volume moving to higher volume, we can build the tooling to work in multiple foundry applications.  By doing this, foundry tooling can be moved and reconfigured as needed.  This provides a savings on the tooling and provides you with the best casting application, something a single foundry can't accomplish.

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